Top Seven Reasons to Use a Staffing Agency

Companies compete with each other to hire top talent. According to a Manpower group survey, 40% of global companies have reported talent shortages which intensify the competition amongst companies to hire or retain talent.

The ever-increasing competition and rising talent shortages force companies to partner with staffing agencies to fulfill human resources requirements. According to Frontline Source Group survey, around 90% of companies use a third-party recruiter. Here are a few reasons why a large number of companies use a staffing agency to hire top talent.

1)     Find Talent Fast

According to a survey, the average time to fill a vacancy can take up to 45 days. You can reduce the time-to-fill by using a staffing agency. Chicago Staffing agencies maintain talent pools that contain pre-screened candidates who are ready to take jobs relevant to their skills.

The databases maintained by recruiters have updated information about the candidates, including their educational qualifications, skill sets, and suitable job profile. The recruiter can find a list of suitable candidates for a specific job position with a simple search in their databases. A good recruitment agency can provide you suitable candidates within hours or days after you place an order for staff.

2)     High Quality Hires

Every company wants to avoid bad hires. With their extensive knowledge and experience in hiring, recruitment agencies are able to determine the right skills needed for different job posts. They are known to create perfect job profile descriptions that identify the right skills and also outline the job duties. The result is a large number of applicants with the right skills apply for the job.

While the in-house recruiters might be hiring a few times in a year, the recruitment agencies are hiring year-round, almost every day. They are more adept at finding the right candidate for each job position. Also, the recruiter can test candidates for required skills to ensure the new hire is perfect for the job.

3)     Reduced Overhead Costs

The recruitment costs can be significant and many companies use a staffing agency to cut down costs. Some of the direct recruitment costs are job advertisement expenses, criminal checks, background checks and training costs in some cases. Staffing agencies absorb some of these costs like background checks for selected employees and help companies save money.

4)     Money Back or Replacement Guarantees

Leading recruitment agencies offer their client’s money back guarantees. A full money back guarantee means the staffing agency will refund the entire fee to the client if the new hire leaves the company within your negotiated time period.

Some recruitment agencies offer replacement guarantees that mean the agency will provide the client with a replacement candidate at no additional cost if the new hire leaves the company within your negotiated time period.

5)     Increased Productivity

Recruiting is a time-consuming process where a large amount of time is spent on mundane processes like sorting out resumes, shortlisting candidates and other related work. Companies that hire on their own are usually required to spread the extra recruitment workload across their existing staff. This additional burden causes burnout and the employees to feel unmotivated or less alert towards their regular duties. The result is drop in productivity.

When you use a staffing agency, it manages all the recruitment related tasks and your company staff does not have to share the burden of recruitment. They can focus on important business tasks that are vital to revenue generation.

6)     Can Source Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are preferred by a large number of organizations as they are valuable to their current employers. These candidates have updated skills as they are working and might need less training to go on the production floor.

Staffing agencies have better networks and it is easy for them to reach passive candidates with your job offer. They can convince the passive candidates to take up the job offered by your company.

7)     Flexibility

Staffing agencies offer the flexibility of hiring temporary staff to cover busy times in your company. Hiring a permanent employee to deal with workloads might not be a good option as it costs the organization more than employee’s salary. Hiring temporary staff in your time of need is a good idea as companies can release the temporary staff back to the agency when the work is done.

The above benefits are some of the reasons that a large number of companies use a staffing agency to find top talent. The next time you need to hire one, or many talent, consider using a staffing agency and you will be happy with your decision.

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