Three Essential Questions You Need to Ask in a UX Designer Interview

With an online presence becoming essential for businesses, the demand for websites that are both attractive and user-friendly has gone up. You are more likely to increase traffic to your website if visitors can quickly scan through it and get an immediate gist of your business. If you have products or services to sell online, they should be able to view and buy these without any trouble. Furthermore, they should be easily able to contact you via email and phone for any additional information they want regarding your business.

While such accessible websites are desirable, they are also complex to create. And that is why you need the assistance of talented and skilled UX designers. Experience counts too, of course, but an upcoming UX designer with talent is equally capable of transforming your website for the better. In any case, the right designer will make a vital difference in the visual impact your website makes and in its general usability.

How do you find the right UX designer, though? Posting an advertisement and waiting will yield results, but not necessarily the ones you want. It can be tricky to select a UX designer and particularly so if you don’t know much about the field. Rather than take a chance and risk your business branding, it makes more sense to work with a creative staffing agency and have them undertake the UX designer recruitment.

Creative staffing agencies know how to find the best available talent in town. Furthermore, they have the necessary experience in carrying out background checks and conducting interviews. By asking the right UX designer interview questions, they can assess if a candidate is a right fit for your organization.

Three UX Designer Interview Questions That You Must Ask All Candidates

What do You Know About Our Organization?

This very commonly asked question works well as an icebreaker to put both the interviewer and the candidate at ease. It also allows you to discover how much the candidates know about your organization. Ideally, since they hope to work with you, they ought to have done their research beforehand and should have some knowledge at least about the type of projects you undertake. That indicates their level of interest and seriousness in getting a position with you. The questions they ask in their turn about your organization can be illuminating too as regards their overall intelligence and articulateness. If they ask the right questions and have the right attitude, they might turn out to be a good fit for your organization.

What Made You Decide to Pick UX Design as a Career?

Another icebreaker of a question, it can help you discover if the candidates made an informed choice when they chose UX design as a career. Their answers can reveal how much they know about the UX design industry and if they are acquainted with current UX trends. You can also gauge how well they can express themselves. Additionally, you can find out if they mean to remain in the UX design field for the long haul.

Creative staffing agencies are more likely to select candidates that hope to have a long career in UX design. Most employers—unless they are looking for temporary workers for a short-term duration—prefer employees that are likely to stick around long-term. Given the time, effort, and expense that goes into finding and hiring candidates, this is eminently understandable. Furthermore, even if your organization wants to hire for the short-term, it is likely that you will have new projects in the future, and then you may want to contact these UX designers again.

Is There a Project That You Recently Worked on? Tell us About it.

Inquiries about past or current projects also figure high on the list of popular UX designer interview questions. Aside from gauging the candidates’ enthusiasm for their work, you can also discover what skills they have practically used, what ingenuity and creativity they brought to the project, and if they can collaborate well with others.

The answers you get for these essential UX designer interview questions—as well as for other more exhaustive ones—can help you decide if the candidates will be an asset for your business.

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