Three Benefits of Connecting with a Direct Hire Staffing Agency

Direct hire positions are permanent, and starting from day one, the new recruits directly go on the company’s payroll. There are many instances when poor recruiting choices of in-house recruiters lead to the hiring of a not-so-great candidate. This is one of the reasons for a large number of companies connecting with direct hire staffing agencies to fulfill their staffing requirements. Here are three benefits of using direct hire staffing agencies in New York when hiring for permanent employees.

1)         Lowered Risk of Bad Hires

Do you know the cost of selecting a wrong person can run into thousands or even a million dollars? According to Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, his company has borne the costs of bad hires, which were more than $100 million dollars.

According to Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) survey, a bad hire could cost more than the annual salary of a bad hire. The survey also mentions the costs could go up, the higher the position. The cost of replacing the bad hires increases with time. Thus, it is quite evident that even larger organizations want to avoid bad hires.

The internal staffing team is engaged in so many activities that time is always running out for them. The internal recruiters are under pressure from hiring managers to find someone and start ASAP. The result, many in-house recruiters are happy to recruit an average candidate for short-term to keep everyone happy.

Working with a professional recruiter who specializes in the field can help companies identify candidates with the right skills. Unlike in-house recruiters, professional recruiters have stiff competition so they know they have to work hard to find suitable talent to meet their client’s expectation. The best recruitment agencies are amazingly good at finding top talent due to better network, years of experience, advanced and time-tested hiring methodologies.

2)         Reduction in Hiring Expenditures

The hiring expenditures have increased significantly in recent years. According to SHRM survey, the average cost per hire is SHRM Survey is thousands of dollars. It increases with higher management positions and job that requires specific skills. If a company is hiring on its own, they have to bear various costs including

  • Advertising agency costs
  • Employee referral bonuses
  • Travel expenses for staff and applicants
  • Recruiter salary and benefits
  • Sign-on bonuses
  • Background and reference checking costs

Using a recruitment agency will help save the cost of advertising and also the time required for pre-screening. Many recruiting agencies also bear the cost of background and reference checks that add to savings.  It is no secret the price of having a team of salaried recruiters in the company is more than using a recruiter only when you have positions to fill.

There is a clear cost advantage of using a professional recruiter who can fill positions quickly and also save your company from operational inefficiencies that arise due to vacant posts.

3)         Fill Vacant Positions More Quickly and Accurately

It would not be wrong to say that direct hire staffing agencies are generally more proficient than in-house recruiters when it comes to finding more suitable candidates quickly. The reason is they are always hiring candidates for some company or the other while the in-house recruiters might be recruiting once or twice in a year.

Direct hire staffing agencies in New York maintain their own talent pools that have pre-screened candidates with different skill sets. The talent pools are a stockpile of excellent candidates who are ready to jump on board when any relevant job is available. The best recruiting agencies work hard to gather candidate data for hard to fill roles.

Professional recruiters are known to have deeper connections in the job market. They also have passive candidates in their talent pool who have the required skill sets but are employed elsewhere. It would be hard for in-house recruiters to reach passive candidates on their own.

When your company connects with a direct hire staffing agency, you can also expect a few candidates in the group of final candidates. Since the passive candidates are working their skills are more relevant and updated for the job positions that demand specific skills. Some recruiting agencies can provide you suitable candidates in a few days, whereas in-house recruiters may take a month or more.

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