The Role of Permanent Staffing Agencies in Job Search Markets

As a competitive business, you understand staffing is a major differentiating factor and contributes immensely to the success of your business. With many companies chasing scarcely available talents, the internal recruiters fail to attract the top talents that contribute to the growth of your business. Permanent staffing agencies with their expertise have been powering businesses with 15 million high quality candidates every year.

Whether you need a replacement for an employee who left the organization suddenly, became sick, went on emergency leave, or need staff for a project that has an earlier than expected start date, permanent staffing agencies will help you with the perfect recruitment solutions that fit your organizational culture, job role, and budget. These agencies can help you find contract employees, temp-to-perm hires, or even hiring for permanent position with relatively shorter time and low costs.

Permanent staffing companies work with established processes, latest tools, and wider networks to help find active and passive talents easily. As such, these agencies play a greater role in the job search market helping businesses with permanent staffing solutions.

Role of Permanent staffing agencies: 

Role as an agency: In-house recruiters may not have enough resources, time, and networks to find employees your business needs on short notice and on flexible conditions. With staffing challenges increasing, the cost of hiring is also on the rise, recruitment experts say, it costs about 20% of a candidate’s annual pay and about 30-45 days to hire a candidate for an open position, draining the precious resources of time and money for a business.

On the contrary, permanent staffing companies makes it easy for businesses to hire staff on short notice. Whether you need staff for a temporary position, contract-to-hire these agencies can find the best talent for your organization. With deeper professional networks, established processes, access to latest technologies, and knowledge of the current trends in the recruitment industry, companies offer staffing solutions at short notice and within the budgetary limitations of your business.

Functions for business: Staffing agencies will work on behalf on business to identify, attract, and offer them such resources when needed. These agencies constantly attract candidates using job boards; industry networks, etc., these agencies pursue both active job seekers, those looking for a job or for a change, and passive job seekers, those willing to change only if offered a challenging role or an astoundingly high compensation, benefits, etc.. These agencies invest time, money in building a huge database of highly qualified candidates.

Recruitment functions: Permanent staffing agencies want to make sure they find the best candidates in all aspects, so they run a thorough background check, complete medical tests, check with references, train the candidates for interviews, etc. When a business approaches these organizations for hiring solutions, they discuss the job role and responsibilities, organizational culture, and match candidate profiles with the business requirements for interview and placement.

Administrative functions: These agencies also handle all the administrative functions related with hiring. They negotiate compensation, take care of the payroll, comply with all the legal issues alongside making insurance and tax payments. They charge businesses according to the hours of work done by the employee at an agreed rate and run the payroll for the employee.

Businesses also hire temporary to permanent positions through staffing agencies, as they get an opportunity to try the resource before they offer a full time role. During the temporary role, the business gets to see performance; attitude etc., of the candidate, if business goals are met business may roll out of permanent offer to the candidate. Permanent staffing companies offer satisfactory compensation, health benefits, vacation, etc., so the resource is happy working for the business for a long term.

By working with staffing agencies businesses get permanent staffing solutions on short notices, at low costs and on flexible terms. However, before you approach a recruitment agency you need to have a clear understanding of your requirements so that the entire exercise is smooth and you forge a strong association with the head hunting company.

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