Six Things Employers Should Know About Working with Recruiting Agencies

Even in the days of artificial intelligence, businesses rely heavily on quality human resources for their success. Quality workforce is inevitable to help them achieve the targets and reach goals set for a certain financial year. As a business, you need the top talent that can effectively contribute.

Recruitment is a lengthy and time-consuming process requiring businesses to invest their productive resources of time, money, and energies in posting a job vacancy to inducting a successful candidate. In addition, if the selected candidate cannot meet the expectations or adjust to the organizational culture, it will have a negative impact on the business. Recruiting agencies NYC, as full-time recruiters, provide best talent to businesses at a short notice on flexible terms.

Staffing agencies working as full-time recruiters have expertise in every aspect of human resource management from posting job advertisements, screening resumes, conducting interviews, processing payrolls, devising retention policies etc. They relieve businesses of recruitment related tasks helping them concentrate on their core tasks.

No wonder more and more business are hiring staffing companies. According to the American staffing association, these agencies help businesses run smoothly by providing more than 14 million qualified and experienced candidates to various businesses across the US.  However, before you select a particular agency to delegate your recruitment needs you need a better understanding of these agencies and how recruitment industry works so you get the best out of the relationship.

  • Understand Your Business requirements: Before you sign up with a staffing agency to help you with all your human resource management related tasks, you need to be clear about your business requirements. Do you need permanent employees, contract hires, or temp-to-perm hires? What special skills and areas of expertise are expected from the new hire? Finding answers to such questions will help you communicate your requirements to the staffing agency without any ambiguity so you get the best talent available.
  • Agency Expertise: The increasing competition among businesses requires specialists in every field; specialization has become a major factor in offering unique and better products and services. Accordingly, recruiting for every branch, division requires specialists staffing agents who understand the specifics of the job, department, etc., and can recruit well-qualified and experienced specialists for the roles. Understanding the expertise of staffing agency, whether they provide staff for a specific job role or for any role, if they provide the kind of specialists your business needs, will help you find the right staffing company for your business needs.
  • Market Reach of the Agency: Staffing agencies should have the ability to attract talent; in general, such agencies invest time and money in building their database of qualified candidates and in establishing connections with the influencers in the industry. As full-time recruiters, these companies always hunt for experienced and qualified job seekers, both active and passive ones. In addition, the agency should have wide connections with the industry consultants, professionals, companies, etc., so they can find and place talents easily.
  • Knowledge of Recruitment Trends: When you hire permanent staffing agencies, you trust them with all your workforce requirements from placing a candidate to scaling up workforce, converting freelance resources to full time employees if required. As such, you need to make sure the recruitment company you hire has expertise in all the aspect of recruitment, human resource management, replacing or providing staff at a short notice, and help you retain employees.
  • Service Level: The agency you choose to work with should offer quality workforce and be quick to respond to any emergencies. It is imperative that not only the recruiters, but the support staff of the agency also have business sense and value the association. Check if they offer guarantee or replacement if you are not happy with the performance of a particular candidate they offered you.
  • Pricing: Pricing is an important factor in selecting the right staffing agency, as it does when purchasing any other product or service. You need to select an agency that does not overcharge or undercharge, as agencies that charge a lower fee may offer low quality resources. Make sure you pay a competitive fee to the staffing agency.

Recruitment is crucial as the success of your business depends largely on the quality of the candidates selected. Make sure you find the best agency, research thoroughly, read testimonials, ask for references and arrange a meeting with the staffing agency so you understand them better.

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