Five Recruiting Agency Myths

Many companies rely on recruiting agencies as they do not have resources to go through hundreds of resumes they receive in response to job advertisements. As per Frontline Source Group survey, around 90% companies including large corporations use staffing agencies to fill permanent and temporary positions.

A recruitment agency does many more things than scanning resumes and shortlisting candidates. In fact, collaborating with recruitment agency in Los Angeles or other cities can reduce the burden on your human resources department. Despite all this, there are several myths surrounding recruitment agencies, so let’s dig deeper to dispel them.

Working with a Recruiting Agency Makes No Difference

Some organizations and HR managers have the opinion that they can do all recruitment by themselves. They surely can but do you know why large corporations and many SME’s prefer working with recruitment agencies in Los Angeles or other cities to find the best talent?

Internal recruiters who hire only a few times in a year may not have reach and expertise that a professional recruiter has. Recruitment agencies have skills and resources to find and recruit the best talent. They can find right candidates in days or a week while your internal recruiters may require more than a month to find right candidates. This fact alone is enough to debunk the myth that working with staffing agency makes no difference.

They Do Not Specialize in My Industry

Not all recruitment agencies are generalist recruiters. There are several staffing agencies that specialize in hiring for specific industries. Specialist recruiters are also known to maintain talent pools where they have active and passive candidates having qualifications and experience relevant to your industry.

A specialist recruiting agency Los Angeles knows your industry and business process inside and out. They also understand different job roles and business culture. Armed with this knowledge and years of experience of working with industry leaders, they can find a perfect fit that not only has the required skills but also has cultural drive.

They Are Not Affordable

There is no established industry standard when it comes to paying for recruiting agencies. Recruiting agencies make money in different ways. Some charge a percentage of annual fees of the hired candidate while some charge a specific amount for every candidate hired through them. This does not mean they are not affordable.

In fact, if you compare the hiring costs of doing things by yourself, and partnering with a recruitment agency, you will save more. Recruitment agencies bear some costs like the background and reference checks, and criminal checks. Some recruitment agencies also offer money back guarantee if the candidate is not a perfect fit or leaves your organization before negotiated period which debunks the myth of recruitment agencies not being affordable.

They Are Slow to Deliver

Recruitment is a time-consuming process but staffing agencies are able to complete the work faster than you would be doing it solo. The recruitment agency staff is used to performing hiring tasks every day of the year. Their years of experience enable them to efficiently recruit the best talent.

Leading staffing agencies also use advanced hiring tools that enable them to quickly find the right candidates and approach them with your offer. Recruiting agencies can cut down time-to-hire significantly which is enough to debunk this myth of staffing agencies being slow to deliver.

They Leave All the Red Tape to You

Recruitment agencies do most of the recruitment work including posting job advertisements, scanning resumes, shortlisting candidates, conducting initial interviews, performing skills checks, reference checks, and background checks.

A good recruitment agency will take most of the recruitment responsibilities which allows your HR staff to focus on more important things. In fact, they care take of paperwork and complicated rules while hiring and help you avoid red tape.

Working with a recruiting agency has its own benefits. It’s like making cookies from scratch versus making cooking with pre-made dough. The advantages of using pre-made dough would be distinctly visible provided you use the right quality dough. The same applies to a recruitment agency. Partner with a right recruitment agency and see the hiring process become much easier.

Do you know any other myths related to staffing agencies?

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