The Benefits of Temp to Hire Agencies – Opening Doors

Job seekers once saw temp agencies as a non-permanent way of working hard for a short-term reward. There was often little to no long-term benefit since the position was only a cover-off for someone else.  For the company hiring, it was just easier to get a temp agency to send someone over than do the expensive, difficult work of hiring someone. As a result, hiring through a temp agency has gotten kind of a bad reputation; but if it’s done right, a temp-to-hire relationship can be the best way to find and bring in the right person for the job. There are quite a few benefits.

Open doors

The great benefit to recruiting this way is that it opens doors to the employee as well as to the employer. The idea is that someone can be hired for one project, or for a short time period, to see how they work, and how they tackle projects. It’s like a working interview, and they get paid for it. Temp to hire staffing agencies can help workplaces find the right talent to come in, and then it is up to the employer and employee to take advantage of the doors that have been opened to both of them.

Less mistakes, less stress

In addition, they find out not only how the new hire works, but they also find out how the individual gets along with the existing team—and how he or she relates to the values of the company. When someone is hired permanently, there is much less risk involved in making a mistake. Hiring is expensive, so it is important to make the best choice, and bringing in someone who is already well known to the team makes everyone relax.

Find out what they don’t like

Don’t forget that, while the organization is evaluating the new talent, the talent is also deciding if they want to work in this place permanently, if they want to come on for further short-term assignments, or if they would prefer to walk away altogether. The employer and the employee have a chance to sit down and discuss what worked and what didn’t, and what can work better in the future—on both ends.

Show off to the talent

It gives an opportunity, as well, to show the talent that they are important to you and to your organization. You can do a bit of onboarding, have a small celebration, and then give them their own personal space in your organization. The fact that the organization doesn’t see this kind of thing as a waste of time and money for a non-permanent staff member is a way of letting them know that you want them to fit in, and that you want to build a good relationship. By doing this, the organization will find that they have a good reputation amongst the kind of talented workers that they want to have with them.

Don’t worry about trying to find the right people to hire for short term projects. That is what the Temp-to-Perm Agencies can help with.

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