Three Essential Questions You Need to Ask in a UX Designer Interview

With an online presence becoming essential for businesses, the demand for websites that are both attractive and user-friendly has gone up. You are more likely to increase traffic to your website if visitors can quickly scan through it and get an immediate gist of your business. If you have products or services to sell online, they should be able to view and buy these without any trouble. Furthermore, they should be easily able to contact you via email and phone for any additional information they want regarding your business.

While such accessible websites are desirable, they are also complex to create. And that is why you need the assistance of talented and skilled UX designers. Experience counts too, of course, but an upcoming UX designer with talent is equally capable of transforming your website for the better. In any case, the right designer will make a vital difference in the visual impact your website makes and in its general usability.

How do you find the right UX designer, though? Posting an advertisement and waiting will yield results, but not necessarily the ones you want. It can be tricky to select a UX designer and particularly so if you don’t know much about the field. Rather than take a chance and risk your business branding, it makes more sense to work with a creative staffing agency and have them undertake the UX designer recruitment.

Creative staffing agencies know how to find the best available talent in town. Furthermore, they have the necessary experience in carrying out background checks and conducting interviews. By asking the right UX designer interview questions, they can assess if a candidate is a right fit for your organization.

Three UX Designer Interview Questions That You Must Ask All Candidates

What do You Know About Our Organization?

This very commonly asked question works well as an icebreaker to put both the interviewer and the candidate at ease. It also allows you to discover how much the candidates know about your organization. Ideally, since they hope to work with you, they ought to have done their research beforehand and should have some knowledge at least about the type of projects you undertake. That indicates their level of interest and seriousness in getting a position with you. The questions they ask in their turn about your organization can be illuminating too as regards their overall intelligence and articulateness. If they ask the right questions and have the right attitude, they might turn out to be a good fit for your organization.

What Made You Decide to Pick UX Design as a Career?

Another icebreaker of a question, it can help you discover if the candidates made an informed choice when they chose UX design as a career. Their answers can reveal how much they know about the UX design industry and if they are acquainted with current UX trends. You can also gauge how well they can express themselves. Additionally, you can find out if they mean to remain in the UX design field for the long haul.

Creative staffing agencies are more likely to select candidates that hope to have a long career in UX design. Most employers—unless they are looking for temporary workers for a short-term duration—prefer employees that are likely to stick around long-term. Given the time, effort, and expense that goes into finding and hiring candidates, this is eminently understandable. Furthermore, even if your organization wants to hire for the short-term, it is likely that you will have new projects in the future, and then you may want to contact these UX designers again.

Is There a Project That You Recently Worked on? Tell us About it.

Inquiries about past or current projects also figure high on the list of popular UX designer interview questions. Aside from gauging the candidates’ enthusiasm for their work, you can also discover what skills they have practically used, what ingenuity and creativity they brought to the project, and if they can collaborate well with others.

The answers you get for these essential UX designer interview questions—as well as for other more exhaustive ones—can help you decide if the candidates will be an asset for your business.

The Role of Permanent Staffing Agencies in Job Search Markets

As a competitive business, you understand staffing is a major differentiating factor and contributes immensely to the success of your business. With many companies chasing scarcely available talents, the internal recruiters fail to attract the top talents that contribute to the growth of your business. Permanent staffing agencies with their expertise have been powering businesses with 15 million high quality candidates every year.

Whether you need a replacement for an employee who left the organization suddenly, became sick, went on emergency leave, or need staff for a project that has an earlier than expected start date, permanent staffing agencies will help you with the perfect recruitment solutions that fit your organizational culture, job role, and budget. These agencies can help you find contract employees, temp-to-perm hires, or even hiring for permanent position with relatively shorter time and low costs.

Permanent staffing companies work with established processes, latest tools, and wider networks to help find active and passive talents easily. As such, these agencies play a greater role in the job search market helping businesses with permanent staffing solutions.

Role of Permanent staffing agencies: 

Role as an agency: In-house recruiters may not have enough resources, time, and networks to find employees your business needs on short notice and on flexible conditions. With staffing challenges increasing, the cost of hiring is also on the rise, recruitment experts say, it costs about 20% of a candidate’s annual pay and about 30-45 days to hire a candidate for an open position, draining the precious resources of time and money for a business.

On the contrary, permanent staffing companies makes it easy for businesses to hire staff on short notice. Whether you need staff for a temporary position, contract-to-hire these agencies can find the best talent for your organization. With deeper professional networks, established processes, access to latest technologies, and knowledge of the current trends in the recruitment industry, companies offer staffing solutions at short notice and within the budgetary limitations of your business.

Functions for business: Staffing agencies will work on behalf on business to identify, attract, and offer them such resources when needed. These agencies constantly attract candidates using job boards; industry networks, etc., these agencies pursue both active job seekers, those looking for a job or for a change, and passive job seekers, those willing to change only if offered a challenging role or an astoundingly high compensation, benefits, etc.. These agencies invest time, money in building a huge database of highly qualified candidates.

Recruitment functions: Permanent staffing agencies want to make sure they find the best candidates in all aspects, so they run a thorough background check, complete medical tests, check with references, train the candidates for interviews, etc. When a business approaches these organizations for hiring solutions, they discuss the job role and responsibilities, organizational culture, and match candidate profiles with the business requirements for interview and placement.

Administrative functions: These agencies also handle all the administrative functions related with hiring. They negotiate compensation, take care of the payroll, comply with all the legal issues alongside making insurance and tax payments. They charge businesses according to the hours of work done by the employee at an agreed rate and run the payroll for the employee.

Businesses also hire temporary to permanent positions through staffing agencies, as they get an opportunity to try the resource before they offer a full time role. During the temporary role, the business gets to see performance; attitude etc., of the candidate, if business goals are met business may roll out of permanent offer to the candidate. Permanent staffing companies offer satisfactory compensation, health benefits, vacation, etc., so the resource is happy working for the business for a long term.

By working with staffing agencies businesses get permanent staffing solutions on short notices, at low costs and on flexible terms. However, before you approach a recruitment agency you need to have a clear understanding of your requirements so that the entire exercise is smooth and you forge a strong association with the head hunting company.

Five Recruiting Agency Myths

Many companies rely on recruiting agencies as they do not have resources to go through hundreds of resumes they receive in response to job advertisements. As per Frontline Source Group survey, around 90% companies including large corporations use staffing agencies to fill permanent and temporary positions.

A recruitment agency does many more things than scanning resumes and shortlisting candidates. In fact, collaborating with recruitment agency in Los Angeles or other cities can reduce the burden on your human resources department. Despite all this, there are several myths surrounding recruitment agencies, so let’s dig deeper to dispel them.

Working with a Recruiting Agency Makes No Difference

Some organizations and HR managers have the opinion that they can do all recruitment by themselves. They surely can but do you know why large corporations and many SME’s prefer working with recruitment agencies in Los Angeles or other cities to find the best talent?

Internal recruiters who hire only a few times in a year may not have reach and expertise that a professional recruiter has. Recruitment agencies have skills and resources to find and recruit the best talent. They can find right candidates in days or a week while your internal recruiters may require more than a month to find right candidates. This fact alone is enough to debunk the myth that working with staffing agency makes no difference.

They Do Not Specialize in My Industry

Not all recruitment agencies are generalist recruiters. There are several staffing agencies that specialize in hiring for specific industries. Specialist recruiters are also known to maintain talent pools where they have active and passive candidates having qualifications and experience relevant to your industry.

A specialist recruiting agency Los Angeles knows your industry and business process inside and out. They also understand different job roles and business culture. Armed with this knowledge and years of experience of working with industry leaders, they can find a perfect fit that not only has the required skills but also has cultural drive.

They Are Not Affordable

There is no established industry standard when it comes to paying for recruiting agencies. Recruiting agencies make money in different ways. Some charge a percentage of annual fees of the hired candidate while some charge a specific amount for every candidate hired through them. This does not mean they are not affordable.

In fact, if you compare the hiring costs of doing things by yourself, and partnering with a recruitment agency, you will save more. Recruitment agencies bear some costs like the background and reference checks, and criminal checks. Some recruitment agencies also offer money back guarantee if the candidate is not a perfect fit or leaves your organization before negotiated period which debunks the myth of recruitment agencies not being affordable.

They Are Slow to Deliver

Recruitment is a time-consuming process but staffing agencies are able to complete the work faster than you would be doing it solo. The recruitment agency staff is used to performing hiring tasks every day of the year. Their years of experience enable them to efficiently recruit the best talent.

Leading staffing agencies also use advanced hiring tools that enable them to quickly find the right candidates and approach them with your offer. Recruiting agencies can cut down time-to-hire significantly which is enough to debunk this myth of staffing agencies being slow to deliver.

They Leave All the Red Tape to You

Recruitment agencies do most of the recruitment work including posting job advertisements, scanning resumes, shortlisting candidates, conducting initial interviews, performing skills checks, reference checks, and background checks.

A good recruitment agency will take most of the recruitment responsibilities which allows your HR staff to focus on more important things. In fact, they care take of paperwork and complicated rules while hiring and help you avoid red tape.

Working with a recruiting agency has its own benefits. It’s like making cookies from scratch versus making cooking with pre-made dough. The advantages of using pre-made dough would be distinctly visible provided you use the right quality dough. The same applies to a recruitment agency. Partner with a right recruitment agency and see the hiring process become much easier.

Do you know any other myths related to staffing agencies?

Six Things Employers Should Know About Working with Recruiting Agencies

Even in the days of artificial intelligence, businesses rely heavily on quality human resources for their success. Quality workforce is inevitable to help them achieve the targets and reach goals set for a certain financial year. As a business, you need the top talent that can effectively contribute.

Recruitment is a lengthy and time-consuming process requiring businesses to invest their productive resources of time, money, and energies in posting a job vacancy to inducting a successful candidate. In addition, if the selected candidate cannot meet the expectations or adjust to the organizational culture, it will have a negative impact on the business. Recruiting agencies NYC, as full-time recruiters, provide best talent to businesses at a short notice on flexible terms.

Staffing agencies working as full-time recruiters have expertise in every aspect of human resource management from posting job advertisements, screening resumes, conducting interviews, processing payrolls, devising retention policies etc. They relieve businesses of recruitment related tasks helping them concentrate on their core tasks.

No wonder more and more business are hiring staffing companies. According to the American staffing association, these agencies help businesses run smoothly by providing more than 14 million qualified and experienced candidates to various businesses across the US.  However, before you select a particular agency to delegate your recruitment needs you need a better understanding of these agencies and how recruitment industry works so you get the best out of the relationship.

  • Understand Your Business requirements: Before you sign up with a staffing agency to help you with all your human resource management related tasks, you need to be clear about your business requirements. Do you need permanent employees, contract hires, or temp-to-perm hires? What special skills and areas of expertise are expected from the new hire? Finding answers to such questions will help you communicate your requirements to the staffing agency without any ambiguity so you get the best talent available.
  • Agency Expertise: The increasing competition among businesses requires specialists in every field; specialization has become a major factor in offering unique and better products and services. Accordingly, recruiting for every branch, division requires specialists staffing agents who understand the specifics of the job, department, etc., and can recruit well-qualified and experienced specialists for the roles. Understanding the expertise of staffing agency, whether they provide staff for a specific job role or for any role, if they provide the kind of specialists your business needs, will help you find the right staffing company for your business needs.
  • Market Reach of the Agency: Staffing agencies should have the ability to attract talent; in general, such agencies invest time and money in building their database of qualified candidates and in establishing connections with the influencers in the industry. As full-time recruiters, these companies always hunt for experienced and qualified job seekers, both active and passive ones. In addition, the agency should have wide connections with the industry consultants, professionals, companies, etc., so they can find and place talents easily.
  • Knowledge of Recruitment Trends: When you hire permanent staffing agencies, you trust them with all your workforce requirements from placing a candidate to scaling up workforce, converting freelance resources to full time employees if required. As such, you need to make sure the recruitment company you hire has expertise in all the aspect of recruitment, human resource management, replacing or providing staff at a short notice, and help you retain employees.
  • Service Level: The agency you choose to work with should offer quality workforce and be quick to respond to any emergencies. It is imperative that not only the recruiters, but the support staff of the agency also have business sense and value the association. Check if they offer guarantee or replacement if you are not happy with the performance of a particular candidate they offered you.
  • Pricing: Pricing is an important factor in selecting the right staffing agency, as it does when purchasing any other product or service. You need to select an agency that does not overcharge or undercharge, as agencies that charge a lower fee may offer low quality resources. Make sure you pay a competitive fee to the staffing agency.

Recruitment is crucial as the success of your business depends largely on the quality of the candidates selected. Make sure you find the best agency, research thoroughly, read testimonials, ask for references and arrange a meeting with the staffing agency so you understand them better.

Top Seven Reasons to Use a Staffing Agency

Companies compete with each other to hire top talent. According to a Manpower group survey, 40% of global companies have reported talent shortages which intensify the competition amongst companies to hire or retain talent.

The ever-increasing competition and rising talent shortages force companies to partner with staffing agencies to fulfill human resources requirements. According to Frontline Source Group survey, around 90% of companies use a third-party recruiter. Here are a few reasons why a large number of companies use a staffing agency to hire top talent.

1)     Find Talent Fast

According to a survey, the average time to fill a vacancy can take up to 45 days. You can reduce the time-to-fill by using a staffing agency. Chicago Staffing agencies maintain talent pools that contain pre-screened candidates who are ready to take jobs relevant to their skills.

The databases maintained by recruiters have updated information about the candidates, including their educational qualifications, skill sets, and suitable job profile. The recruiter can find a list of suitable candidates for a specific job position with a simple search in their databases. A good recruitment agency can provide you suitable candidates within hours or days after you place an order for staff.

2)     High Quality Hires

Every company wants to avoid bad hires. With their extensive knowledge and experience in hiring, recruitment agencies are able to determine the right skills needed for different job posts. They are known to create perfect job profile descriptions that identify the right skills and also outline the job duties. The result is a large number of applicants with the right skills apply for the job.

While the in-house recruiters might be hiring a few times in a year, the recruitment agencies are hiring year-round, almost every day. They are more adept at finding the right candidate for each job position. Also, the recruiter can test candidates for required skills to ensure the new hire is perfect for the job.

3)     Reduced Overhead Costs

The recruitment costs can be significant and many companies use a staffing agency to cut down costs. Some of the direct recruitment costs are job advertisement expenses, criminal checks, background checks and training costs in some cases. Staffing agencies absorb some of these costs like background checks for selected employees and help companies save money.

4)     Money Back or Replacement Guarantees

Leading recruitment agencies offer their client’s money back guarantees. A full money back guarantee means the staffing agency will refund the entire fee to the client if the new hire leaves the company within your negotiated time period.

Some recruitment agencies offer replacement guarantees that mean the agency will provide the client with a replacement candidate at no additional cost if the new hire leaves the company within your negotiated time period.

5)     Increased Productivity

Recruiting is a time-consuming process where a large amount of time is spent on mundane processes like sorting out resumes, shortlisting candidates and other related work. Companies that hire on their own are usually required to spread the extra recruitment workload across their existing staff. This additional burden causes burnout and the employees to feel unmotivated or less alert towards their regular duties. The result is drop in productivity.

When you use a staffing agency, it manages all the recruitment related tasks and your company staff does not have to share the burden of recruitment. They can focus on important business tasks that are vital to revenue generation.

6)     Can Source Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are preferred by a large number of organizations as they are valuable to their current employers. These candidates have updated skills as they are working and might need less training to go on the production floor.

Staffing agencies have better networks and it is easy for them to reach passive candidates with your job offer. They can convince the passive candidates to take up the job offered by your company.

7)     Flexibility

Staffing agencies offer the flexibility of hiring temporary staff to cover busy times in your company. Hiring a permanent employee to deal with workloads might not be a good option as it costs the organization more than employee’s salary. Hiring temporary staff in your time of need is a good idea as companies can release the temporary staff back to the agency when the work is done.

The above benefits are some of the reasons that a large number of companies use a staffing agency to find top talent. The next time you need to hire one, or many talent, consider using a staffing agency and you will be happy with your decision.

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